1. What does peace mean to you?

If you can go back to your Amsterdam holiday or the moment you got special discounts to save on electronics, you will recognize the delight that you had on that day. This is the type of peace that we aim for.

Peace is such a simple word yet it can denote a lot of meanings. Tenmon advocates a kind of peace in which all people benefit from it.

2. When did Tenmon start?

This organization was founded by a group of peace advocates way back in 2003.

3. What do you do as an organization?

We offer models and frameworks for companies to work out from. Every company or organization is different. And this is also true for frameworks. Although we all seek peace in the area where we live and work in, the scenarios are different, the behaviors are diverse, and the culture is not the same for everyone.

We help develop programs and policies that agencies and organizations can use which prioritizes peace and camaraderie between people. Cohesion and solidity are highlighted.

4. How do you get funds for your organization?

We are a nonprofit organization that relies on many financial facets and options in order to pursue and push for Tenmon’s plans and principles. To get funding, we partner with sponsors and charity organizations. These groups share the same advocacy of peace that we have as an association. We are also helped by online shops like Lazada and Zalora that give donations to our cause.

5. Do you accept writers who live abroad?

We highly depend on volunteerism in this organization. One of our current needs is content to promote Tenmon. We are looking for writers who can produce articles about the organization’s events, activities, and other updates. We also provide monthly newsletters to our sponsors.

People from anywhere in the world who have the skills to write good content for us will be cheerfully accepted. You can click on our Write For Us page for more details.

6. How do I advertise on your site?

We can help you buy traffic for website. For more information on the mechanics, you can go to our Advertise Here page.