Tenmon is originally a term used by ninjas to turn their knowledge of weather and meteorology to their advantage. Because they are equipped with keen observation and massive concentration, ninjas can determine or forecast weather occurrences and use this information to conquer and defeat the enemy.  

Author | Kaito Yamamoto

Kaito has been active in advocacy to help promote the peace in Japan. He was a former member of the Peace Corps when he was in the US. When he returned to Japan, he became part of Second Harvest. Aside from his daily volunteer work in Tenmon, He helps the organization through tech blogs and bringing in website visitors.

In this day and age, there is only one enemy. This enemy is called indifference. This seemingly simple word creates a wide gap between people. Indifference is the lack of concern or sympathy toward another person. If people do not care, he will not invest his time, effort, and money to any endeavor that does not deserve his attention.

Kindness is rooted from the genuine love of society for one another. It can range from providing simple promo codes, offers & coupons from online shops like Lazada or Zalora, to giving a free dinner cruise in Amsterdam. It may also be shown by creating a group that really cares for people. And this is how Tenmon was created.

Tenmon as an Organization

Tenmon is a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization that believes in the power of peace to unite all people. We voluntarily help nations develop laws and policies which can help promote peace between societies. We also help governments and companies create programs and plans that are geared toward fostering unity in communities.

Tenmon As The Ninja Ways

Ninjas from the previous era use astronomy and meteorology to annihilate the enemy. They summon all their strength and power to bring the conditions into a path that they can benefit from in order to rise from the occasion.

We may not be ninjas who want to finish assignments and conquests. But we still believe in tenmon. We may not be able to control the situation that we are in but we can surely maximize it to our advantage.

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The world that we are living in is not a perfect habitat wherein resources are infinite. But we are banking on the people who are dwelling in it to make a difference. So be stress free and eat out using i amsterdam card restaurants.

We hope because we believe. We believe because we care. And we care because we want peace to unite all of us. We may belong to different nations and adhere to diverse beliefs and traditions. But, if you look closely to who we are, you will recognize that we are all the same. And we need to stand up and be united in promoting peace. Through amity and harmony can we truly exist with one another by doing parship dating review before sign up.

Tenmon As A Model

We can help nations build or rebuild their communities by providing effective and useful models that focus on people. We create different models for every company and government organization that approaches and works with us. No matter what sector you belong to, either private or public, it will only function through the workings of people. And we advocate ethics and cooperation for every framework that we produce.

With this structure as the foundation, programs and policies are formed. And internet now is a trend that’s why we have to Know where to buy targeted traffic. The principles of the organizations will inherit and nurture responsibility, morality, and accountability toward one another.


Japanese Concept of Peace